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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Muse to be found!!!

     Posting has been few and far in between... My inspiration is not very edgy lately and let me be the first to say boring... Writing a post at the moment, is more difficult for some reason. I have so much to write about but I must admit writers block is showing it's ugly side.

     I have been on a thought of wanting to bring a natures journal to life... I decided to buy a journal and some things to decorate and and fancy up the pages. I must admit letting things flow on to the pages, is hard. I like to draw some of the flowers and animals, but info isn't catching.

     I think I need to ask  Goddess of  Muse to help inspire me! 

     You know creatively write and draw, and asking Mother Nature to help me to enjoy my gifts...   er.. well, she is very very busy...

      How does one get that type of inspiration back?  How can one let it flow!

 Internet!      Here I come!

     I have been working on this post for a few days, and well in all that time to figure out what to write I came across a site that has become ummm, some what uplifting...  I hope that I'm not stepping on toes or maybe over stepping boundaries but this site has the dream and life that I only wish to have.. The concept is clear and classic. It is every thought and dream a family would want...
      How does one combine hobby and work to equal happiness?  Simple... family, gardening and simplicity of backyard farming...  Now that is a challenge I could take on...

Tangents Glory!!!

My veggies and herbs.. are doing well..

     I am getting a good amount of Chamomile, I think tea and jelly will be a good start for the picking... ;)

The coffee can lettuce is doing very well. I can start plucking at them I think... Yay!

     The rainbow of peppers are doing their best in making deliciousness... I am so excited, I already have Golden Peppers.. LOOK!

     I have been so lucky with parsley.  I have the beautiful triple curly parsley, and of course my Italian or Flat leaf parsley..

But the triple curly parsley is gorgeous... Yummm!

      The Blackberry bush is coming along also...

I can now start fertilizing it, and making strong and bold!!!

     So.... so far, I have a bit of yumm coming, and really can't wait for harvesting!!!

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