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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pests, Pest, Pest...

 This is what I found so far!
I can only hope that my tomatoes will do fine!   

But the one that I found was like green/yellow tone.. Is this the same type?

  • Stalk Borer
    The stalk borer is an insect pest that attacks a wide variety of plants including tomatoes. The larva (caterpillar) bores into the stem and tunnels inside the stalk. (The entrance hole is small and often difficult to locate). Affected plants wilt and often die. However, stalk borer damaged plants that are given good care may survive. The stalk borer is a purple and cream striped caterpillar with a solid purple band around its body 1/3 of the way back from its head. It is an early season pest that moves from tall grassy weeds and occasionally attacks tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers in the vegetable garden. An individual stalk borer may damage more than 1 tomato plant. The adult is an inconspicuous grayish brown moth. Tomato plants that die should be pulled and destroyed. The destruction of the plants may also kill the stalk borer. Cutting or mowing tall weedy areas around vegetable gardens may also help control the pest. Stalk borers cannot be effectively controlled with insecticides.
This article originally appeared in the July 22, 1992 issue, pp. 1992 issue, pp. 127-129.
Year of Publication: 1992

Issue: IC-463(19) -- July 22, 1992

prostrate weed

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