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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catnip Enamoured

So like I said, I wanted to pick some cat-nip.  And I did.  But guess what? instead of drying it, what do I do? I grab a bunch of it, and put it in a vase of water.  I know!  But.. But..

It was so wild and crazy looking I couldn't let it go yet!

   Insanely twisting, flowering stems of crazy...

   In a day or so, I will pick it apart and dry the leaves and such... to give the girls... Just not now, not yet!!!

   I pulled some basil, the whole plant, Yes, I did.. I have it hanging to dry, I am not sure if that is the way to do it.. If not I have "like" 10 more plants to try methods on... 


Carrot Brigade!!!

   As I mentioned, I pulled some carrots on this workable morning,    but again, a few of them seem confused! Or could I be the one that is confused? hmmm... 

   Well, some of them look like little men trying to run, or  with great pause... have an extra appendage that is um questionable!  (ha ha ha!) (Blushing)...
   For the most part, they came up easy enough, digging in the soil, it seems soft and loamy, so why the mystery?
Crazy Carrots!

Mystery to solve...

 *** Heat warnings***

 None... but it will be a bit muggy, and partly sunny. Some weather masters say it will be 110° - others say 113°  Whatever it will be... Can I say, down right Yuck!  A 20% chance of rain later tonight, which would be nice for my garden but, we can't be to greedy right!

The menagerie of pots are doing well enough... Now! I put happy Habanero in the sun along with the Thai..
     The flowers like the lantanas and salvia are doing well! 

And the ever loving portulaca.......

    My Bird house Gourds are looking happy to be planted... and look like they will bring some wonderful projects...

   I have some, Yes! You guess it...Catnip planted there, they came because they wanted too... so I left them. I am not sure if they will do well there but... what the heck right? The gourds might like the company...

 I know I would!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Project!

   So I made the bamboo screen... for my gourds!

What do you think?

I know a little iffy, but hey, you work with what you got! right?

Now on to working the soil and planting the seeds!

   Planted the gourds... It takes up to 14 days to pop up. It recommended to make mounds, put five seeds to a mound.. well I didn't do that. I did make a mound, I put the seeds in a row though! Well ... I put all the seeds in a row... I won't see a single gourd for about 120 days. What is the saying "patience is a virtue?" Not for me!

Completely impatient!  (Okay got a grip now)

    I can't wait to see what happens though, Can you? (secret giddy laugh happening right now)

Camera Play!!

   Having fun with the camera last night, by my cucumbers, something really cool was going on, (it's only because nothing cool like this happens unless your in a forest)
    okay! so!
   I have an area where there is some compost and rotting wood.

   In this debris along the statue and cucumber, an old rotted log that has been there for quite some time, --- seedlings (of course, weeds) are trying their luck in that log.... Life needed to happen.
This is how I found it! Kind a cool!

I just want to share... It amazes me that when life wants to exist, it goes to any length to do so!


*Green Beans

 Look at them!

So in seven days this is what happens!
How fun is that?

*No, pumpkins as of yet! (patiently waiting) Well, trying to have some!!!
I have to say those that are, well "saint - ish!!!"

Update to my Update!!!

Yes! I'm excited to bring to you what waiting can bring!

Okay! So patience is paying off!  Look what has appeared!

                       Pumpkins are in the house!!!

 whoop! whoop!
  (celebration cooled a little)

 My "what was I thinking moment" of you got it the....
*Portulaca, seems happy still. 

Pretty Portulaca!
               Keepin' the faith!

I planted Dark Opal Purple yesterday.. that takes up to 14 days, too... I hope to get some of that soon!

** Weather Today**

No excessive heat warnings ---
106° with a 20% chance of rain in the evening.
        But it is going to be a swampy feel...

   Which is funny because I am located dead center in an area that is always the eye of any storm, you know the calm before the storm.! It stays that way! No rain... The storms go away. Remember Mother Nature, She is a prankster...Don't get me wrong though, we get a shower or two if she is feeling generous, during the Monsoon season. So complaining this is not. (well secretly thinking it, you know complaining!!!) Maybe no pranks this time Please? with cherries?

Thoughts were answered Last Night!!!!               IT RAINED!       


My garden thanks Mother Nature... and so do I...  

 You once knew and trusted that your beautiful garden, manicured and weeded easy to walk through, the paths clearly, thoughts were comfortable with that, Right? Then before you know it, while you busy your self with other things something like "this", sneaks up on you... You think to your self what the h***  happened  here?  But you secretly, knew what happened... so...     (that dirty word "neglect")
    Steps to making it look like a garden and not a huge mega mess, hmm (think, think, think,...)

            Not A Clue! 

So with gloves, rakes, shovels and last but not least, elbow grease, here I come!!! 

Oh! by the way, it looks like I have enough basil to dry in my lucky dehydrator!!! 

How fun is that!!!

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