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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Basil, Carrots, flowers & bees....

           What a humid day today is!  The garden is loving it...
 As I was watering my beauties, I noticed that my Dark Opal Purple is sprouting!

From this!!!!

   I know! You really can't see them unless you know what your looking for,
but they are there and, they will be beautiful!

to this soon

I have had so much success so far, Thank You Mother Nature.

*Green Beans
 *Both Basil

   Now for my Elephant Ear, and green onions...  Tomatoes and cucumbers last but certainly not least my zucchini which needs to show it's strength... Oh I can't forget my bird house gourds..

Look at the Bees,                         I am so happy!

And so are they!!!

"All" of the basil are being LOVED on by the bees... Busy as a bee... as it were.

Look See!

The back row of Green Beans
Perfect little pumpkins
 So looking at my green beans and pumpkin, they are doing an amazing job of growing before my eyes.

Do you agree?


I pulled a carrot...  this is what I got!

   It looks confused!      Doesn't it?

   From My understanding when carrots do this, the soil isn't loose enough... I can see that what I thought of  my soil, isn't true, is it? 

   I will be pulling them this week instead. I want to make a carrot confiture, but I need cognac, which I don't have.

So off to market..

Dehydrating egg plants --

    I have so many eggplants... I am swimming in them... well not really, but I am overloaded with them.
So dehydrating is the next best thing...

    Slice eggplants a half inch thick ...  dehydrate at 100°  for 20 hrs.
when leathery, store in container and in a cool dry place.

    Rehydrate in boiling water for 30 min. Then drain.
How easy is that....

 Great link...  and sight!


   On to drying Basil too... well as soon as I harvest them... (Need to harvest like yesterday),, but the bees love it so...

Everybody is very happy today!

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