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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Grapeleaf Skeletonizer AKA... caterpillars...

      Trying to maintain home life, garden life, work life... Well, I must say is a challenge, but not knowing the enemies of a battle that is happening behind your back. Well that is a whole new challenge..
      So what does one do when you find beautiful little caterpillars and you think all is lovely and good in the world of nature? 
     Well, get vicious and start killing, of course... 
      No, really....  I have done my research and found out that these little deceivers can cause a load of trouble... Not only by touching them, they can irritate and cause problems by ejecting fine little hairs 
that could get into your lungs, eyes, mouth, etc... in which you really don't want to happen.. 
     They devour your incredibly manicured, bulging with fruit Grapevine.. 
     Which  would be a travesty... 
     So... I asked some very experienced Gardeners on a Facebook Group that I follow what should I do? After the suggestion from Mr. Hills.      
     I went to my local hardware department store and had to buy insecticide that had BT in it to start the war on the nasties... 
     I will be fighting this battle for about 6 weeks more... But thanks to my Executioner Husband... 
    We could win the war on my Grapevine.

 These nasties were on my grapevine...
They are called grapeleaf Skeletonizers...
They are devastating... 

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Maricopa County Cooperative Extension Home Horticulture:
Environmentally Responsible
Gardening & Landscaping in the Low Desert
Grape Leaf Skeletonizers in the Low Desert
Small, black, yellow, and blue striped caterpillars which mature into a blue black moth which resembles a wasp with feather like antennae.
Larvae feed side-by-side in groups devouring grape leaves rapidly, leaving only the veins. Soon only the "skeleton" of the leaf remains.
Hand pick and destroy any adults, larvae, or eggs you see. Wear gloves and a dust mask because the larvae are covered with stinging hairs that may become airborne. Spray plants with Bacillus thuringiensis or carbaryl.

Adult Moth
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Grape Leaf Skeletonizers in the Low Desert
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