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Friday, October 28, 2011

Thy gracious defeat !!!!

     I have been wrapped up in so much stuff... I can't tell you how much...

    Well, Yes I can!!

My Crazy Garden Update...

                  Okay!  Aphids conquered.. 3 to 1!!

I lost my cucumbers to aphids, I lost my pumpkins to them, and NOW, my scalloped squash...

pumpkin aphids
scallop squash aphids

 Oh, But I have plans for those little buggers... Just wait and see Aphids... Just wait!!!


     But I got my first harvest of green beans!!! Hooraay!!!

      I cleaned these yummies up blanched them for two minutes, sauted them in bacon grease, onions - then sprinkled white vinegar and summer savory! delish...

   Take a look at my front garden

solar fire tomatoes (I even have one in there)

black krim tomatoes


Welcome Home!!
   Last Saturday we decided to find Piglet a new friend.. Piglet, was in such a depression, that it was a must.. She didn't eat much, or play, and slept way to much for Piglets personality... So the decision was made,

       I would like for you to meet Peanut!

     As of right now she is 5 months old, "the pound" said that she was around a year old, well they were way off... but to give credit, they do get hundreds of animals,  it would be kind of hard to keep accurate records consistently..
    We took her to the vet, she has a cold, or respiratory infection... So she is on meds.. Trying to get her to feel better...

    Piglet is way to anxious to have her new friend  play, but, she sees Peanut, then "freaks" and  hisses and acts all silly.. go figure..

    They will become fast friends soon.

      I can't believe that it is finally cooling off! We will be in the 90's over Halloween... Then through next week "they" are saying that it will be in the 80's... Is this True?, Are we going to have "spring like" weather in the fall???  AAAhhh... ha ha ha... Mother Nature isn't that confused... But it would be nice to have some decent weather, because before we know it, it will be at  first frost soon...

     It even rained a couple of times during the evening, of course when we can't see it, because it was in the evening!
I know the garden loved though! It responded very positively, pictures to show you coming...


     My JalapeƱos are still ok, so far anyways, I thought for sure when it fell over I lost it! It was the craziest thing too, after the caterpillar attack, as I was watering, I rinsed off the leaves and checked over the plant, It just fell over like it was melting, I managed to lift it back up and tie it to the lattice that was behind it. It looks fine, so far! (fingers crossed!)

 My Birdhouse Gourds ...

     Well that too is on the aphid attack, (those buggers, (the only nice thing to say without cussing))...

    One Gourd...

     Ho-hum, at least I get one though... I can play and practice on this one, so when the next time comes around I can have plenty to be occupied with...

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