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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Through the Crossroads

Stomping through my crossroads, I'm finally at a point of a great start, beginning, or "conclusion";
(a beginning of the end of my crossroads)... I don't know ... But it is good I know this much.

Look what the season is... finally..

Time to start a whole new garden season.... Yay... I remember writing about troughs
in the last post.. I started to pursue this concept.... I love the looks, the simplicity...

Then the realization of availability and cost popped my bubble...

Well, I hit the proverbial wall... when the investigation began, we found spending $180.00 or more on them, unappealing... so with more reading and research and then more concept investigation,
we came up with....

Ummm, not too proud of my so called garden... It has seen better days...


Cinder blocks...  I haven't been on the dedicated journey of making the beds my priority... but we got out there over the weekend and made a plan..

We cleaned up the area, scaled a plan, and bought the first load of blocks

     Here it is now and on its way to glorious new beginnings...

A rough positioning of how it will be...

We will be placing cardboard down first, before the soil


I mentioned that I made a list and plan.  The thought of only the veggies I know I will use...

Peppers             Spinach                  Basil            
Tomatoes         Onions (Green)      Radish        
Cucumbers       Jalapeno                 Marigold
Squash              Banana Peppers     Cat Nip
Beans                Carrot                      Bee Balm
Lettuce              Thyme                    Oregano         


    My crude little diagram of what I have planned... I know, it's hard to read...
But before all of the fun things like planting happens,

I need to follow the plan of course

The steps

1. List & plan
2. Position
3. Cardboard
4. Soil
5. Water lines
6. Plants

With step 1. done...  next will be, you guessed it...

Steps 2 and 3...

I need to be ready at least by mid February, some of the plantings begin at that time...

No pressure, right?


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