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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Aphids, aphids, aphids... again with the aphids...

Bird House Gourds
   My bird house gourds are incredibly huge and flowering wonderfully... but I am not seeing any gourds. I am questioning if the aphids as of now are the problem. My gourds are turning yellow in some areas and in those areas the leaves are overwhelmed with them..

   I figured that it has come down to having to purchase Neem oil. I have never used this before and and I think that it is organic buttt..  I also haven't purchased it yet... I keep using the soap water spray, but it isn't working...... (hello! It is the BIRD HOUSE GOURDS, that are in trouble...) I don't know what to doooo!!!

   So, Has anyone used this, and do you know what I could be in for, if I DO????



   I can't believe my basil plants, they are everywhere, and big and abundant and happy.. I can't believe how much I have... ha-ha-ha...
Opal purple basil

babies all over the place

more babies

One of the mom basil's

Another Mom Basil

Loads of babies in the compost pile

Flowering basil

and more basil

   So I guess more basil jelly will be made for gifts....Because it's coming out of my earssss..... lol...


    I have bell peppers, this one got um... spoken for but, oh well there is more where that came from...

One of the reds...


   Bird battle....

    I have a new battle, and here is who it is....

   This is a couple of woodpeckers and the battle is who will or can get to the Humming bird feeders without being seen, but the thing is I always see them and I try to get a pictures of them but they know... Are they that good at knowing???
   So this has been going on for more than I don't know two or three years... This couple makes the loudest noise...  ever.... Like they are proud that they arrived at the feeder before you ever did.... They seem a bit smug and have an, "I did it before you" attitude.


   Look whose peeking in to my Home!!!!

  I have a brand new visitor look who is hanging over my arcadia doors....

Daddy long legs, maybe!!!

   Well only this one and I don't think he is to much of a bother,  so he can stay as long as it's there and not trying to come inside.... ishhhh.

My new Pumpkins in progress....

   Sigh, I know, I was hoping for these to be ready for Halloween, but well, beggars can't be choosers right?

   So here they are beautiful and happy and growing on there way...

September 16, new arrival but this is the third day.
and the other one for the 3rd day too...
    Now to research Neem Oil... eeeeeyyyy!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Side Dress What?!?

 Side Dressing...

   So after learning how to side dress, which sounds like I am cooking a turkey or something.. I went out and did just that.. I put compost on the side of my Pumpkins and my Bird House Gourds..

   Thank you husband for helping me... I loved that you put your hands in the ickky compost too.. It was hot and steamy huh?  Just kidding!! (not really!!)

compost side dressing on the Bird House Gourds...

More compost side dressing on the jalapenos...

Cabbage and Broccoli Planting Day!!

   I did plant cabbage seeds and broccoli seeds too.  Where the tomatoes once stood now in hopes of cabbage..  I have never ever ever, planted cabbage or broccoli, so I hope that something comes especially because the seeds are kind of old... Like two years old...

cabbage bed...

    Broccoli on the other hand are fresh, and I planted them in the area of where the chili peppers were once being nurtured in hope of revitalization... but as you may know that didn't happen...

Broccoli planted by the eggplant

Broccoli planted by the jalapenos!
    I'm not to sure if these areas are to suitable, but it gets good amount of sun with a little bit of shade....

Bigger than I had imagined..
   The eggplant has had a great summer so far, it has grown very large, so much so I ended up putting a little bit of a fence in front of it to tame it.. It was hard for my husband to mow around it, or even weed eat the edges.  It also was covering the grass and making it turn brown and ugly. So, with the fence, I lifted the limbs up and now it can probably breath under there too.

So, looking at where I want my container garden out in the front yard, I am a type of person like symmetry, I am not to picky and like things as casual as possible, but symmetry is important to me. when I ended up lining up the pots to the windows I realized that I needed to more pots. This is what I mean..

Under the window looks great but....

    To the side of that, it is as bear as it can ever be... so I think two more would look great..
 The theme for them will be Salsa and Grilling Containers,

     For the salsa I will have peppers, tomatoes, green onions, and cilantro...  For the grilling, I will have peppers, eggplants, maybe zucchini, tomatoes, and basil... parsley to make it pretty.

That shabby not chic shrub!

  So I will be taking this shrub out soon and I can't wait to put another container there, But I think I want to put something other than a salsa garden container there... certainly think that I have to put a lot of though into this container.. you know to make it different.

Something to share...

   The lighting of this plant was real neat, It was a warm light, so much so when you looked at it it made you feel warm without sweating.. It made me feel happy and feel a giddy of delight.

My eggplant with some basil in a warm happy light!!

Hope you see what I mean...

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