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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Garden of Life and Death!!!

Elephant ear update...

  As of yet, I am not seeing anything I might be crazier than... well you get the idea.  I am making sure the soil is wet, it does drain well. I'm not sure but should it be in the sun at any point or stay in the shade?

   Everything else looks great! I have great looking pumpkins coming and the green beans other than being nibbled on look strong. This weekend I think I will fooderlize everything.. I do know that fertilizing anything in the summer heat is not advisable, but being that everything that I'm growing needs the extra help, plus the extra water it needs afterwards...

    Still on the look out for Mr. Meanie...  no hide nor hair (well feather of him) as of yet! No sign of any stink bugs...

   Searching through my garden Look what I found...

   Yes! Life and death, in this picture. You'll find a spider sitting on a basil stem that snatched up a bee or hover bee of some sort. As I was trying to focus in on this scene, the spider had a really good  grip on it's prey... They prey was still trying to fly away.. "awwe!" I wanted to help! But didn't... I kept having rerun images of the old movie from the 50's, "The Fly" with Vincent Price, the voice in my head of the fly or bee screaming "Help me-e-e! help me-e-ee!"
   My daughter kept saying, "Mom it's trying to get away, it's trying to fly away." I wanted to help, but loosing two bugs instead of one was not an option... so the buddy system commenced and I let life happen the way it must.

Spider vs Hover Bee (?)


    Catnip- I have a great abundance of catnip- Isn't there a saying, about it, of some sort?,
Something like, if planted cats play not, and it comes astray cat come play???

cat nip that just appeared!
   I can't really remember.

   But I have to say it has some truth because the neighbor cats keep visiting. I really don't like that they do, they scare and eat the birds that visit! THAT really bothers me!

   I should find and employ Mr. Meanie to fend off the cats of this area! (Just kidding, but I would like to come up with a way to have them not visit my yard!)
  Could you imagine,
   In this corner, In the brown feathery gleam you have Golden eye.... Mr. Meanie.... The crowd is roaring, And in this corner, The opponent, in fur and wearing a cat collar.... you have THE Neighborhood CAT!!!  The bell rings  (ding)  and round 1 starts...
   But Really I can just picture it, I think Mr. Meanie could and would take him... Mr. Meanie would Peck the poor kitty to oblivion, after seeing what he has done to my plants and tomatoes...

    Okay, again on a rant! 

   But with cat nip I think I will pluck and dry some and make some catnip toys for my girls... they will like that!   

   Well, will be going through the  area and grabbing up some of that catnip so
harvesting to beginnnn....

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