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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Flying by Normalcy

         Normalcy is showing itself, but....

     Life is flying by so fast, I can't believe that it's already November... I hope that Halloween was wonderful for all... As for myself, I think I was a bit Melancholy, we didn't get as many little ones running to the door as usual..  We didn't have a bunch of people over either.

     I guess Halloween mid-week is pretty tough, huh?

        I made  lots of food for the family and we watched old movies. Which made it pleasant...

    *Storm Sandy was something else... I have thoughts and hopes for those that are still enduring the aftermath... Speedy recovery to those who are in need..*

Tangent Check Up

    I've been watching Tangent... It's like watching a pot of water come to a boil... It takes forever to get going...
    I left my tomatoes in their spot, you  know to see what would happen...
   Well, I have flowers and lots of green growth on one of the plants,

     The other one, just not happy.. but I have a few volunteers tomato plant in and around Tangent.. really weird huh?

  Volunteers aplenty!    
Can you see the tomato plant?

    The fig tree is just beautiful, and happy as can be... My pomegranate, wild and messy as ever, I think that it likes to be that way... So what ever makes it happy,  I'll just keep doing it!

     Lately we have been battling some sort of caterpillars on our Bougainvillea and our Orange Jubilee bushes...

 So what happens is this...  The caterpillars start eating or something, on the edges of the new growth they just make a mess out of the tips of the bushes... when searching for them to see where and what they are!
They are not there,  not a clue... but after their "big dinner and damage party,"  they emerge at night in to a moth, of some sort, and flutter
about to lay more eggs and repeat the process...

     Well our local garden center has recently Identified the little culprits...  The Tecoma/Bougainvillea caterpillar. Here is a link to help take care of these buggers:


     I have some amazing color from the Swiss Chard.. and they actually might get made in to something, if I use them when they are small enough... because they are suppose to taste better young and not bitter...

     Now look at the Peach Tree I am so amazed at how that thing is coming along ...

     It has blossoms and I even think a peach or two!!!

     "Beautiful" Huh?

      I have this new volunteer... I have no idea what it is!

     I suspect that it is a squash.... 

A peck of Peppers!!!!
     I am still getting Bell pepper, Yay!
They are gorgeous!

     My grapevine, blackberries and strawberries are doing marvelous.... I'm so excited to have a fruit salad at harvest time...

      I am still getting eggplant can you believe that !!!

     I love gardening ...

          ~So here are some beautiful Fall colors to leave you with!!! ~

MUMS the word !!!!

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