Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Clean "like" Snow White!!!

     This past week all I have been doing is cleaning... I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned...  I shampooed my carpet, cleaned under my appliances and washed walls.. When one thinks of "spring break",  I think their imagination runs away with thoughts such as beaches and warm climates, umbrella drinks, and bathing suits... Well, that's the same thought I have.

I really don't think that most people think of cleaning house...

    You know the term, "Let's Clean House."

     I  certainly did do that...

     I wanted to concentrate on my garden. I thought of huge things that I wanted to do... but !!!  Of course that didn't quite happen.

    Well, I do feel like I did, what I set out to do; except two things, I plan to do those very soon. 

Garden Updates!

       I have radish and carrots coming... Yay!



      My chives are very happy.

Garlic Chives

     The coffee can lettuce is doing brilliantly...

Oakleaf lettuce

 Weather happenings:

     The winds are picking up tonight  and showing us who is boss...  and rain is said to be appearing.  In general the saying goes as such...  "April showers bring May Flowers"