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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week-end Projects... well project...


Enjoying the morning

     This weekend, we started the cucumber project,,,, Oh em Gee, I can't wait to see if this is something that really works,,, My handy dandy Love, helped me, by making the the screens..

     He made them by using 1"x 2"x 8' 's that cost a couple dollars each... He cut them into pieces getting 2  24 in and 2  36in parts, then he screwed them together using el brackets.. After having to go to a different store for the chicken wire, which was a little irritating, but whatever...

       We got the 36" x 25' one inch mesh, "20" gauge... this was $21.00... We made sure that the legs were able to pivot and adjust to desired position or to store away!

     I am so excited... I purchased a   (are you ready for this)  a Pomegranate (tree or bush) not sure!  Shrub??  Well, anyway, I know that I have been wanting one for a long time.. and I can't wait to see it come around!

      I wont be planting it in the ground yet! well only cuz' we aren't very sure about what we want to do! Tangent wants to expand you know!  Just not sure when!

Doesn't Act like A Bee!
but looks like one!

     Early Girl!

     I have a wonderful start off with my
"early girl" tomatoes..

      They a very lush and growing in a rapid pace..


       I did get a couple of Jalapeño pepper plants (these are Jumbo ones) which will be awesome when it comes time to stuff them with cheese, wrap them with bacon,    Oh My Mouth's watering already... 

    My rainbow of bell peppers are fabulous!!!!

       They are turning big and beautiful... 

Chocolate pepper!
      Obviously not chocolate yet! But if I keep it  long enough on the stem...
it seems to want to look that way!

      Regular Green Pepper  !

     And Orange!

      Well these aren't the yellow bell peppers that I was thinking, but no complaints! I think they are maybe wax peppers...


     Zucchini,  Seems to be happy, It will be very happy if it wants to grow on to the trellis... I hope that I get some veggies "this" go around though!

   Green Beans!

  Green Beans are relentless, which pleases me! They like that particular area for sure, since they did popped up on their own...

Patty Pans!

     What can I say, Patty Pans eluded me last time and I felt defeated!  This time I think that this spot will be great. It isn't dead middle of heat and sun... So having them where the green beans are... I think that they have a chance to survive...


Some beautiful favorite flowers o leave you with!


Double Petunias

Shazam Showing off!


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