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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sometimes People Need to Just Stand Up!

This is someone that needs support!

   I was simply appalled that "Government" would not support such a great thought! Especially when the First Lady is in such support of healthy gardening food and being Eco Friendly Green.

   What do "they" say to Mr. President, and the First Lady about their garden, So sorry, this is not "suitable" or "common" and it has to be moved!

                      To where?
   Just to say, The White House Lawn, if "they" don't already know, it's already in view of EVERYONE!

   I can't believe that they would throw the book at someone over a front yard! Especially when the "law" couldn't put a particular person in jail for the misdeeds done to a little human being!

   So I certainly hope that this person gets justice for doing something out of the ordinary, and not to mention to maintain her Pride and Go Green attitude!

   If you are reading this please send it out and about, because before you know it, it's very possible that it could happen to someone you know or even to you!

 Ranting YES!

So now that being said. I'm moving on...


I have sprouts!!!
 In my unusual white pot there is an amazing growth called Basil (Ocimum basilicum), it is coming up. I can't wait to see what it will look like! 

Now for my Dark Opal Purple basil, soon I hope!

 *Green Bean Update: 
    I can not believe how fast these sprouts jumped up! But, as I am watching along the whole backside of the lattice the beans are very happy, along the front of the lattice only (like) three are happy, so  Why is this?  Hmmm, are they getting enough water? (think, think, think)...
back row

front row
   *Tomatoes-  How many harvests do I get really?  I received about three to four harvests so far! Say about five or six beef steaks, about a dozen and a half of my Bradley heirloom... 

   So the million dollar question?  "Will I get more tomatoes?" 

No! Really, will I?  

   I think that I need to give them more water, with the wind and blowing dust and heat all compounded together, I'm really fighting the elements! 

Roma intermingling with my beef steak


   *Remember, I planted green onions a while ago well, it seems they are not happy and don't want to come up to see the world! Well can't say I blame them, seriously to hot to venture outdoors!

green onions and where it should "umm" sprout more

*No Stink Bugs so far!     (knock on wood) I said this once before, remember, and well 
it happened, didn't it!

****How about this 


I would like to introduce to you .....


Pumpkin meet the World!

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